Southern Charms

An Anitaverse RPG

Atlanta, Georgia ...

History tells us that the Cherokee Indians were the first to settle in the area now known as Atlanta. Then came the Western and Atlantic Railroad. It became a major railroad hub during the civil war only to be burned down to the ground in 1864. It was rebuilt within four years and once again became a thriving city.

What no one knew, or refused to believe, was that it was more then mere humans that settled in the city. Hiding behind the guise of average Americans, men and women changed their shape with the full moon. When the sun went down over the city creatures emerged that fed on blood of humans. Fae creatures and even humans with extra special abilities kept themselves hidden in fear of discovery and repercussions.

That would all change. The creatures that were once just folk lore and stories told to frighten children would suddenly become very real. Now vampires are legal citizens and shifters are fighting for equal rights. Even humans are sometimes more then they seem.

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**This group requires you to be 18+ years of age and your age must appear in your yahoo profile. You must join both the IC board as well as the OOC board. Also, only original characters may be submitted. No characters from the Anita Blake series or any other series may be played. ((And for the super paranoid - all characters and events in this game are fictitious and in no way are meant to imitate real life - just in case you thought werewolves actually existed.)) **

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